Sanitary Napkin Disposal, Sanitary Pad Disposal System, Sanitary Napkin Burner
Sanitary Napkin Destroyer, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Sanitary Pad Burner
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Sanitary Pad Disposal Sanitary Pad Disposal Unit - Sanitary Pad Disposal System - Sanitary Napkin Burner
Sanitary Pad Disposal - Enviornment Friendly Sanitary Pad Disposal - Avoides Drainage Line Chockups Sanitary Pad Disposal - Easy & Safe Operation

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit:

Sanitary Pad Disposal, Sanitary Napkin Disposal, Sanitary Napkin Destroyer, Sanitary Pad Burner
Sanitary Pad Disposal, Sanitary Napkin Destroyer, Sanitary Pad Burner, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator
Salient Features:
  • Simple Operation: Very Simple Operation - Just Press Start & Forget.
  • Runs on Single Phase: It Runs on a General 15 A Power Supply.
  • Red Indicator - If Fire is ON.
  • Wall Mounted to Use it in Bathroom, Public Toilets & many other Places.
  • Auto Off After Burning & Auto Off Red Indicator

How to Use:

  • If Fire is Off (Red Indicator is Off), Open / Slide the Door.
  • Put the Used Sanitary Napkin / Pad inside the Chamber and Close the Door.
  • Just Press Start Button and Forget.
  • Red Indicator is ON While Burning Process is Going On.
  • The inbuilt Electric Fan helps to Burn Fast and to Get the Flue Gases outside.
  • After a Specific Time (Which can be set) it Stops the Burning Process.
  • Now The Unit is ready to burn another Pad / Napkin.


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