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Sanitary Pad Disposal Sanitary Pad Disposal Unit - Sanitary Pad Disposal System - Sanitary Napkin Burner
Sanitary Pad Disposal - Enviornment Friendly Sanitary Pad Disposal - Avoides Drainage Line Chockups Sanitary Pad Disposal - Easy & Safe Operation

Sanitary Napkin Disposal:

"Global" - The Brand is having Large Market Share in the Field of Waste Management Equipments, Now Introducing Equipments for "Sanitary Napkin Disposal" - The completely New Equipment. The Unit is Prepared with MS and SS (Stainless Steel) for Good Looking and to avoid Corrosion. It's Fully Automatic and Works on Domestic Electrical Supply. It is Idle for Sanitary Napkin Disposal & Small Clinical Waste. It Burns the Used Sanitary Napkin and Other Waste with Electric Coil and Release Smoke in the Exhaust Pipe. The Ash can be collected in Ash Collection Tray. It's a Wall Mounted Unit and can be Mounted in the Wall of Toilet / Bathroom & Very Easy to Operate. Our System for Sanitary Napkin Disposal is Environment Friendly, Helps to Avoid Drainage Line Chock-ups and having Very easy & Safe Operation.

Disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem everywhere. Girls do not like to carry their used Sanitary Napkins or maxi pads to a household bin in front of family and friends. She doesn't keep it in normal bathroom bin as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells. Though sometimes she pack it in Plastic Bag and drop it in Dustbin / Bathroom Rubbish. The most common way she use is, Flush it into the Drain. Both the above way of disposing Sanitary Napkins create problems. The Flushing in Drain results Clogging in Drain (Drainage Line Chock-ups / Plumbing Line Blocking Problems) and Throwing in Dustbins results Health related Problems due to Hazardous Contents in the used Sanitary Pad.

A Study Says that Over 80% Girls Flush their Used Sanitary Napkins / Sanitary Pads and Tampons because They are Messy, Bad Smelly and Embarrassing. Which Consumes Millions of Liters of clean Water in the Toilets. Not only that, It creates Blockage is in the Sewerage Line System and Drainage Line Chock-ups which requires Periodically Clearing of Drainage Lines.

The correct way to Destroy the Used Sanitary Napkins is "Burning" and converting it in Ash, Which is Very Easy with our "Automatic Sanitary Napkin Disposal System" / "Sanitary Napkin Burner" The Unit Dispose Off Used Sanitary Napkins by a scientifically proven hygienic way Instantly. 

Our "Sanitary Napkin Disposal Units" are Very Easy to Operate, Very Compact in size, Fully Automatic Cut Off after Burning, Can be Mounted in Toilets, Require less than 10 Minutes to Burn the Used Sanitary Napkin, Having Stainless Steel Body & LED Indicators on it. The Unit is a Machine / Furnace which Burns the Used Sanitary Napkins and release Flue Gases in Atmosphere. It's known as Sanitary Napkins Disposal Machine or Sanitary Napkins Burning Furnace also.

It can be used Widely in Public Rest Room, Railway Toilets, Air Ports, Air Crafts Toilets, Public Toilets, Schools, Colleges, Girls Hostels, Apartments, Individual Bungalows, Hotels, Resorts, Shops, Offices, Industries, and any other place for the disposal of Used Sanitary Napkins. The Unit helps to Destroy the Sanitary Pads with a Simple Technology, Cost effective and Pollution free way of disposal. It burns the Used Sanitary Pads (Hazardous Sanitary Napkins) in to Non-Hazardous Ash. It's Known as Sanitary Napkin Burner, Sanitary Pad Burner, Sanitary Napkin Destroyer, Tampons Destroyers, Tampon Burner, Sanitary Napkin Disposal System, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Sanitary Napkin Disposal System, etc.

Instead of using sanitary napkin disposal bags or Bins or Containers or sanitary napkin disposal receptacles, This unit can be used with sanitary napkin dispensers or sanitary napkin Vending Machine for sanitary waste Disposal. The Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bins or Containers are Just Store the Sanitary Waste. IT required Disposal of the waste which is possible by the Burning of the waste in a Closed Chamber. Which is possible with our Sanitary Pad Disposal System. Our Unit is a Wall Mounted Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit which is Compact in Design and Can be Used in a Regular Size Toilet also.

Adding this Simple "Sanitary Pad Disposal Unit" as a Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Product in the Toilets of the Work Place will help the Girls to feel comfort At the Place, Stress free Working Environment, more conscious for their work and relaxed attention in their work during menstruation period. This will increase the efficiency of her work. Adding this Unit in Hotels, Parks & Resorts will add a reputation and the impression of Environment Friendly Place which will be recorded Honestly / Proudly in the memory of the Visitor. Adding this Unit in Public Places (& everywhere) will help the Global Environment also.

AND... THE MOST IMPORTANT: Disposal of The Used Sanitary Napkins / Tampons by unsafe way or Through it in Rubbish or to Flush it in Drain Line is Very Very Dangerous. If it remains on the Landfill Site or remains in Waste Water, it may release Hazardous Chemicals like Fungi / Fungus, Bactericides, fibers, Toxins, Dioxins & other Poisonous Substance which may results serious deices like Cancer.

It's Most Recommended Product for Sanitary Napkins Disposal - For Reduction of Plastic Bag Usage, Landfill Reduction, Avoid Blockages to Toilet Plumbing, Avoid Drainage Line Chock ups, Avoid Waterway Pollution and For Healthy Environment. This is a Useful Equipment for Rest Room, Washroom, for Disposal of Sanitary Towel, Adult Diaper, Feminine Sanitary Products, Adult Pad, Female Hygiene Pads, Always Sanitary Pads, Maternity Sanitary Pads, Menstruation Period Pads, Feminine Napkin, Reusable Sanitary Napkins, Nappy, Washable sanitary pads, etc. as sanitary hygiene services, tampon disposal or Sanitary Waste Disposal.

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